Teachers, Parents and Students Share Their Nature's Classroom Experiences:

A visiting teacher on what the kids and the teachers get from nature's classroom

I just love seeing the kids with their hands-on learning and being out building and constructing and putting it all into action.
Even though it really hits the curriculum I think it really goes beyond that to them becoming young people and just kind of breaking away from their parents a little bit and realizing that ‘I can do
this.’ Sometimes I think they surprise themselves on what they can do.”

A Parent Talks About
the Nature's Classroom Experience

“A lot of kids are put in an environment and they’re kind of tagged to be the same kid all the time, Nature’s Classroom gives kids a chance to be who they are fully, they can start fresh.”


When they come back we notice a change. It’s hard to explain but they’re a different person. They’ve bonded, they’ve established new friendships. They’ve seen the teachers outside of the classroom, outside of the norm, which is so cool, for them to see us outside of the classroom as adults, and our passions that we have when we’re outside doing the activities...”