Nature's Classroom at Ocean Park, Maine ...

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... is thirty minutes south of Portland, near Old Orchard Beach. Ocean Park is one of our favorite locations, with 175 acres of woodlands and estuary right here on the property and just a 5 minute walk down a trail to the Atlantic Ocean.

It is exciting to have the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge on the border of our site, where we can identify dozens of birds as we walk along their boardwalks.


During the school year we have seven miles of beach mostly to ourselves, exploring and studying dozens of ocean animals in their own habitat.




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We are proud of our dining hall at Ocean Park. The vaulted ceilings make it feel like the banquet hall of kings and queens.




Students stay in Mitchell Hall, which accommodates 80-84 students, with private rooms on each floor for teachers, and the Ataloa Cabins, each housing 8 students with a private room for the teacher. The Playhouse building on the site has a stage for plays or other evening activities and the building is a good place for indoor recreation. Judson Lodge is an administrative building and contains our medical office.



We look forward to welcoming you and your school!