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Nature's Classroom is a seasonal residential environmental education program.  Our program brings children, usually in grades 4-8, along with their school teachers, to any of 14 different centers in the Northeast. These are beautiful rural places to live and work, with friendly and dedicated staff. We hope you will consider joining us!


Medical Person Job Description


During Orientation

During the on-site orientation prior to the arrival of children, the medical staff person will give a few hours of first aid instruction to the staff; this instruction should prepare them to handle minor and major emergencies that might occur while they are out in the woods. Most of the staff have already had first aid and CPR courses; the purpose of the orientation is to refresh them in first aid practices. It is up to the medical person to assess their degree of practical knowledge.


On Each Monday as a New Group Arrives

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On Monday when a new group arrives, the medical person takes charge of the student medical forms (student registration, home & health information questionnaire and medical administration forms). Some schools will send these forms in during the previous week, but not all schools do this. The medical person must check carefully for the following:

1. Special health concerns (allergies, physical limitations, etc.)
2. Medication the child has brought with him/her.
3. Medication the child has not brought that should have been brought.
4. Bedwetters and/or sleepwalkers.
5. Correctly signed forms.
6. Anything else that needs to be dealt with.


The above information should be written down, copied and passed on to the visiting teachers and the Nature's Classroom staff as early as possible. If there are any questions regarding care, the medical person talks to the visiting teacher, the child and the parent (if necessary). For example, if the child has a bee sting kit, does the child know how to use it properly? All medication is recorded and marked with the child's name. The medical person should share food allergy and birthday information with the kitchen staff (procedures vary from site to site; the medical person should check with the program coordinator for the site's procedures).


Everyday Duties

Shortly before each meal and at the end of the day, health-all takes place. All children with cuts, bruises, pains, scheduled medications and home-missing come to the infirmary to receive treatment, comfort, etc. All treatment is recorded in the logbook: child's name, complaint, treatment, date, time and the person giving the treatment. Accurate records are very important. Whenever the medical person examines one of the children, even if no treatment is given, the visit should be recorded in the logbook.


During the Day

As accidents happen in classes or out in the field, any Nature's Classroom teacher can take care of the child and record treatment. The medical person is usually needed for deep cuts, "sprain opinions", illnesses, etc. If the medical person feels that a child needs hospitalization or outside medical care the program coordinator and the classroom teacher should be consulted. The classroom teacher, program coordinator and/or medical person must call the parent, follow Nature's Classroom hospitalization procedure (will be detailed later) and record the visit in the medical logbook including treatment and the name of the doctor. The record of doctor and hospital visits should be highlighted in the logbook.


Additional Medical Duties

Keeping the infirmary supplies well stocked
Communicating with the school staff as to the health of their children
Helping Nature's Classroom staff with professional knowledge
Informing the program coordinator of any problems, questions, etc.
Anything else that may need to be dealt with.


Optional Program Related Duties

It is suggested and recommended that the medical person become involved in all aspects of the program: not only is this involvement enjoyable, it is rewarding to get to know the children who participate in the Nature's Classroom program. Medical staff can teach classes (such as first aid, dissection, etc), lead songs and games in the dining hall, perform songs or acts for skit night, help with the preparation and/or serving of food, assist the program coordinator in his/her projects, or do an other activities that benefit the program in general.


Obtaining State License

Nature's Classroom medical staff must acquire the state license required for employment at their assigned site. For a description of requirements for licensing, nurses and EMT's should contact the appropriate state offices directly. Nature's Classroom will reimburse medical staff for the fees involved in obtaining the licenses required.


If you think you might like to work with us, please tour our website and give us a call at 800-433-8375 or 508-248-2741. We'll be happy to talk to you. 

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