Summer Camp at Life-Tech-Ventures


At Life-Tech-Ventures (LTV), we offer our campers the opportunity to build on interests they already have, to discover new interests and abilities, and to confidently grow as individuals in a friendly, welcoming community.

Children play, live and learn - or more importantly discover a desire to learn. The older children are given a great deal of freedom based on their ability to take responsibility for that freedom.

We want kids to learn to live, work and play together, not through forced conformity to rules, but rather through understanding individual responsibilities in a social setting.  At LTV we understand that learning to make decisions is a part of the growing up process.

At LTV we want to help kids learn to honestly appreciate the individual differences in people that are fostered in the development of a harmonious community.





The housing is extraordinary. It consists of the Center and the Lodge, which comfortably hold 4-6 children per room, and the Ranger Building.





Recreational facilities include a pool, two playing fields, a volleyball court, two half-court basketball areas, and a sports complex which houses a full size basketball court or a large recreational space when weather is inclement.




Questions? Please Contact Us!

PHONE: 1-800-433-8375