Nature's Classroom in Lakeside, CT... 


... offers so much to explore! Located on 300 acres in historic Litchfield County, we have a beaver pond, frog ponds, swamps, and fields. We have a rock quarry, cellar holes, bridges, streams, historical wells and a small cemetery. We have so many interesting outdoor lessons and hikes.


Visiting students and teachers will stay in 4 identical cabins, each with room for 32 students and a semi-private area for the teacher. 




The dining hall provides one large room for dining and two smaller connecting rooms for dining, classes, as a medical room, or just an indoor space.

Camp_Washington bldg1a.jpg

We have more indoor space at Kenyon Hall, which includes a stage and can be used for programming and for recreational time. 

For use at free time, we have basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and giant fields.





A week at Lakeside is a wonderful experience!


Nature's Classroom is pleased to offer our educational program here in lakeside, Connecticut, and we look forward to welcoming you and your school!