Nature's Classroom in Ivoryton, CT... 

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... has been hosting schools for more than 35 years. With numerous streams, a cedar swamp, a hardwood forest and two ponds, including Bushy Hill Lake, this 700 acre site offers enormous diversity.



 With several housing options, all groups can find suitable accommodations. Each dormitory has separate chaperone rooms and meeting spaces.

The recently renovated Lakeside building offers housing for 32 students and 4 adults.

The Health Center has beds for 28 students and a private room with bath for adults.

Katsanis is a large dormitory with 4 wings, each wing with 22 beds and a private room (with bath) for 2 chaperones.

Students and their field groups find exciting educational adventures everywhere. A hike up to Lookout Point might reflect on humanity's long history of exploration and discovery, and our desire to learn. What is it like to see this view for the first time? Who came before us?

Geological history is inescapable when a field group, hiking deep into the woods, comes across an enormous glacial eratic know as Two Rocks.

Our dams and quarries lead us into interesting discussions about the use of our land. An outstanding variety of plants and animals on the site help us understand the interdependence of all things.

For use at free time, our Ivoryton site has a basketball court, a field for baseball or kickball, and a dodgeball court.

On the farm we currently have llamas, alpacas, donkeys, ducks, chickens, goats, peacocks, and much, much more!

Nature's Classroom is pleased to offer our educational program here in Ivoryton and we look forward to welcoming you and your school!

Schools can choose to add a day trip to Hammonasset Beach State Park on Long Island Sound to their agenda. This educational experience includes a visit to a salt marsh, tidal flats, a sandy beach, and a rocky shore.