Nature's Classroom in Colebrook, CT... 

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... houses some of our largest groups. We have over 500 acres of fields, streams, woodlands and even a small farm area, complete with chickens, rabbits, sheep, guinea hens and goats.


The hike on Sunrise Mountain, about 270 feet above the level of the camp, is a wonderful experience, with many interesting and unusual aspects to the climb. Ropes course elements along the trail add to the fun and the excitement with trust-building and problem-solving challenges.


Many groups enjoy a walk on the Giving Tree Trail, where pages of the Shel Silverstein book are posted along the way. Nearby is the old Hitchcock family cemetery, an excellent place to talk about New England history, communities and relationships between people and the land they live on.  

Another hike, down the hill, passes Chapel Island. This is a favorite spot for field groups to spot wildlife. The trail leads to Triangle Lake, and past the full size gymnasium on the site. A little further is a little beach and a covered bridge. From this point, classes with the time and inclination often take a beautiful three mile hike around the lake, watching for beavers, amphibians, reptiles and other wildlife.




As the night rolls around, dinner is served in the dining hall, which is large enough to serve three different school groups.



After dinner and an evening program, the students go back to their cabins in the woods, each cabin with up to 24 students. Every cabin includes a living room with a fireplace.

Some students might stay in Seniors Lodge, which can house up to 60 students and chaperones, also with a large living room with fireplace. Seniors Lodge has a small basketball court outside and is next to an outdoor amphitheater. Another cabin, the Boathouse, is on the lake.



We look forward to welcoming you and your school!