Nature's Classroom in Becket, Massachusetts... 



... is a favorite site of many visiting schools. With over 1000 acres in the beautiful Berkshire Hills there is so much to see and learn here. Classes are always excited to discover the porcupine den, the beaver dams and lodges, and all the other treasures this outstanding site has to offer.

A hike through the woods and around the lake reveals both natural and human history, from glacial erratics to a safe house for the Underground Railroad. 




The students sleep in one of four winterized cabins. Each cabin holds approximately thirty students and includes separate chaperone rooms. 



This beautiful location includes a beaver meadow, “enchanted forest”, Rudd Lake, many ropes course elements, a Frisbee golf course, a rock climbing boulder room and something new around every turn.  






Nature's Classroom is pleased to offer our educational program here in BECKET, MASSACHUSETTS, and we look forward to welcoming you and your school!