Nature's Classroom in Andover, CT... 



.. is a wonderful place to experience a week at Nature’s Classroom. With 300 acres of beautiful woodlands there are wonderful discoveries around every bend.

Hidden treasures are everywhere! 

The Skungamaug River, flowing right through the property, is full of fish, amphibians, and other creatures waiting to be discovered.


We make great use of the new open-air pavilion in Andover, a 40 ft by 60 ft building with a large fireplace inside. The students have their meals there when it's warm enough. The pavilion is a wonderful place for group activities, with skylights, an elevated stage and a sitting area.

SS_AN DH3.jpg


The dining hall here in Andover doubles as a dormitory for around 60 students and has several side rooms for chaperones.

Students also stay in Freeman Lodge, a beautiful winterized cabin just down the path.


Students enjoy and benefit from our many woodland trails and open spaces for exciting educational activities.


During free time there is a giant playground, basketball courts, and many open fields to enjoy.



Nature's Classroom is pleased to offer our educational program here in Andover and we look forward to welcoming you and your school!