A Typical Day at Nature's Classroom...


... begins with a hearty breakfast at 8 AM followed by a chance to clean up and get ready for the day. Students will spend the rest of the morning with their Field Groups, exploring the site and experiencing new challenges and discoveries. After lunch, students have a little free time for rest and recreation and then get to choose two Special Interest classes. There is a little more free time after dinner and then a variety of evening activities. 


Morning Field Group

Students will learn and explore with the same field group every morning during their stay at Nature's Classroom. During the morning field group, students will gain a better understanding of dynamic interactions in the natural world, as well as interpersonal interactions among themselves. The classroom teachers assign each child to a Field Group, and each group is assigned to one Nature's Classroom teacher.


Special Interest Classes



In the afternoon, students have a choice of many classes which are both academic and enjoyable.




...are served family style, with an unlimited supply of good food. Mealtimes provide a chance to interact and to share experiences with others. The diversity within Field Groups, classes and other activities facilitates conversation among the students and adults allowing them to share their excitement. Community awareness and group cohesiveness are important goals of the Nature's Classroom program. To be of service to the community, students take on the responsibility of helping as servers.


Evening Activities... 


...may be academic or social. 
Large group activities may include an evening of skits, a Mingle, a Campfire or other enjoyable social experiences.  Schools often choose a Science Exposition as one of their evening activities. A Night Hike may be taken by the Field Group.
Not all of these activities are done consistently at every site.

Working with the Nature's Classroom Program Coordinator, classroom teachers can select those activities which best suit the goals they have for their students.