“I expected students to grow in trust, caring and sense of place in the world and how each person touches and affects others around them. I expected their knowledge of the environment to grow.... You all have more than met my expectations. In 13 years of outdoor education, this is the strongest program I have experienced.”

Nature's Classroom®


At Nature's Classroom, students and teachers have the opportunity to experience education from another perspective, outside the walls of the classroom.

After spending a week at Nature's Classroom, living and learning together, students develop a sense of community, a confidence in themselves and an appreciation for others that carries over to the school community. 

Nature's Classroom is a residential environmental education program, located at twelve wonderful sites, in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. Most schools take advantage of our five-day program, while some decide that a shorter stay will work for them. Nature's Classroom has been educating students for more than 40 years.

A Unique Educational Experience with 12 wonderful locations

Each of our beautiful sites offers its own unique features. Mountains, seashores, woodlands, marshlands, lakes and ponds can all be explored and investigated among our excellent locations.

a typical day at nature's classroom

At Nature's Classroom students take an active role in their education by participating in exciting hands on motivational activities which are both academic and enjoyable. Our project-oriented classes help students realize the importance of their classroom subjects.



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