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Sargent Center is pleased to introduce
The Sargent Experience, a School Program for Adults!
MARCH 15 - 17 AND 17 - 19, 2017

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Nature's Classroom is pleased to continue the long tradition of outdoor education at Sargent Center in Hancock, New Hampshire.This wonderful facility, with a long history of excellence, serves thousands of students and teachers every year. Along with the school programs, Nature's Classroom at Sargent Center is continuing the long history of summer camp programs, and is proud to serve groups of all types for conferences, retreats, workshops and events. 


Make Sargent Center the location of your next retreat or group meeting.

Summer camp programs for school aged children.

School Program:
For over 50 years, classrooms have utilized Sargent Center’s 700 acres of forest, pond, and stream as a living laboratory to explore ecology, biology, astronomy, and more.



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