Nature's Classroom


Nature's Classroom is an unforgettable learning experience for children and their teachers, offering the very best in environmental education, working closely with school teachers to create a learning partnership that lasts a lifetime.

  School-Year Program  
The strengthened peer cooperation and expanded student-teacher relationships have an influence on the cognitive growth of the students throughout the school year. Together, they return to the classroom united through this shared experience to achieve the common goal of the pursuit of knowledge.   photo

A Typical Day at Nature's Classroom


NC is affordable and accessible
School-Year Forms

School Bus

Most schools offer their students a 5-day stay at Nature's Classroom, Monday to Friday, but shorter programs are available also.

A typical day begins with a hearty breakfast followed by a chance to clean up and get ready for the day. Students will spend the rest of the morning with their Field Groups, exploring the site and experiencing new challenges and discoveries. After lunch, students have a little free time for rest and recreation and then get to choose two Special Interest classes. There is a little more free time after dinner and then a variety of evening activities.



  Pond Life Class  




A Day at Nature's Classroom

Environmental Education at Nature's Classroom