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The Nature's Classroom 
Scholarship Fund 

For 40 years, parents, teachers, and school systems have recognized the outstanding educational value of Nature's Classroom. They have seen, first hand, the positive results our learning program has had on their children.

By choosing Nature's Classroom, parents have chosen to invest in their child's future. And while all parents have the same choice, not all of them have the same financial resources, which is why Nature’s Classroom is proud to offer financial assistance to many schools through our Scholarship Fund.

We thank our supporters!


There is no more important issue than the effective education of tomorrow’s decision-makers.

Nature’s Classroom is more than environmental education, it is an effective tool in community development. By bringing together kids from all different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, Nature’s Classroom exposes students to the sensitivity of diversity, the importance of team building, and how a commitment to learning is the cornerstone of their future. 

While we expect most schools to raise the necessary funds for our unique program,  Nature’s Classroom, with the help of local fundraising efforts,  has never denied a child the opportunity to take part in this educational experience due to financial limitations. In any given year, Nature’s Classroom has supplied in excess of $240,000.00 in financial assistance. In the past, Nature’s Classroom has been self-sufficient where funding scholarships is concerned, but as our success grows so does the need for scholarships. 
Won’t you take this opportunity to help these kids to build a better tomorrow by challenging 
them to think today?




  For more information about Nature’s Classroom you can contact us through our website, www.naturesclassroom.org, or call Dr. John G. Santos, Executive Director at 800-433-8375.

Thank you again for your interest in our scholarship fund.


Won’t you make the difference
 in a child’s development?

Nature's Classroom is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.  


Call us at: 1-800-433-8375 or (508) 248-2741 or e-mail: info@naturesclassroom.org

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