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More than twelve hours each week are dedicated to a CORE AREA, which the children choose to study. Core areas are designed to appeal to the particular interests of each child.



Girl with Salamander  
Natural Science

You'll never know what you will find (or what will find you) neck deep in a bog. So, let's go and get dirty! Learn about nature by scraping it off your shirt and pulling it out of your hair!

LTV Frog
Physical Science


If it burns, glows, moves, shocks, gets really cold, emits photons or other things, then it is Physical Science. What are we going to do in Physical Science? The sky's the limit!
Solar Ovens at Life Tech in Charlton
Performing arts  
Performing Arts


To be or not to be in Performing Arts? That is the question! Is it better to stand on stage and entertain or to lurk in the shadows, unheard, unwatched, unapplauded?

Adventure Challenge


Find your more extreme side by challenging yourself with ropes course, hikes, and wilderness activities. Each week will boast an off-site field trip.
butterfly art  
Fine Arts

Some people see a stick. You see a snake dancing with a very thin penguin. Some people see dirt. You see a cool way to give finger paint a new texture. Some people see trash. You see something hanging in a museum! Then you should see yourself in Fine Arts!



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